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Tool : Package Builder Tool

Functionality Overview

The FHIR Package Builder tool will create a ZIP file of all the FHIR Assets listed within an NHS Digital style Message Definition file. The ZIP file will contain the following types of assets.

  • Structure Definitions (Resources)
  • Structure Definitions (Extensions)
  • ValueSets
  • CodeSystems

The package created can be configured to have the assets included either as XML files, JSON files or both. The tool requires a simple configuration file, an example of which is shown below.

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Message Definition File

The full URL of the message definition file that the package is to be built from.

(Note – As this is driven by NHS Digital style Message Definition files, it will only work for them).

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Create XML output?

Set to true or false to denote whether the package should contain assets in XML format

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Create JSON output?

Set to true or false to denote whether the package should contain assets in JSON format

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Running the tool

The tool has been developed using  .NET Core. As such it should run on any operating system that supports .NET Core. For ease of use it has been published as a Windows 64 bit executable.

To run the tool:

  1. Download the tool (FREE) using the download links below
  2. Unpack the ZIP file
  3. Ensure you have created a config file as per the instructions above
  4. Open a Command Prompt in the directory where you have placed the tool
  5. Execute the tool as follows (assuming your config file is called ‘config.json’)
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Tool Outputs

Package ZIP file –

The primary output of the tool is the package file. This is a zip file that contains within in it a separate folder for StructureDefinitions, ValueSets and CodeSytems

Log files – buidLog{yyyymmdd}.txt

This is the output of the processing required to build the package file. If any errors occur details will be within this file.

Technology Inside

The PackageBuilder application was created as a means to test that MessageDefinition files from NHS Digital could be leveraged for practical use. To create the packages then the ReSTful interface for the NHS Digital FHIR Reference Server is utilised, using the history aware GET function. The different technology components used within the application include:


Release History

The recent releases of the application include the following enhancements and fixes.


Download the product now

VERSION is currently available as a free download for use by NHS Digital

The public version of this tool is available now. For those participating in the private beta then use the download link already supplied.