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Tool : FHIR Check

Functionality Overview

The FHIR Check tool is used for validating instances of FHIR resources against FHIR profiles. This version of the tool expects all files to be local on the file system.

Validation Process

To run the process you must provide two directory locations:

  • The ‘Profiles Directory’ is the location where the FHIR profiles are held. This should include all require StructureDefinitions, ValueSets and CodeSystems
  • The ‘Examples Directory’ is the location of where the instances to be validated are located. Currently, these need to be XML files. (Should we add JSON as well?).

The files to be validated are shown in the list with a status of “Waiting”. Once the “Validate” button has been clicked the results of the validation are shown next to the filenames.

By selecting the row for the particular file of interest the detailed results of the validation are shown at the bottom of the window.

Technology Inside

The TinderBox application was originally constructed as a test case for using FHIR Path and grew into something different altogether. The different technology components used within the application include:


Release History

The recent releases of the application include the following enhancements and fixes.

Download ZIP

Download the product now

VERSION 1.1.0 is currently available as a free download.

The public version of this tool is available now. For those participating in the private beta then use the download link already supplied.

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