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Tools for HL7 FHIR®

A collection of tools for helping developing systems using HL7 FHIR. Most tools have generic applicability, though some are more specifically intended for use within the English NHS.

Tool : Message Definition Tool

A tool to build FHIR Message definition files as used by NHS Digital.

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Tool : Package Builder Tool

A tool that creates a ZIP file of all assets used within a message/document as defined by the MessageDefinition.

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Tool : Tinder Box

Tinder Box is a desktop tool for visualising and validating the referential integrity of FHR Bundles.

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Tool : Flogical

Flogical is a Logical Modelling tooling. Use it to create logical models compatible with the FHIR Logical Model methodology.

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Tool : FHIR Check

FHIR Check is a tool for validating FHIR Resource Instances against FHIR Profiles (aka StructureDefinitions)

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Library : NHS ODS Helper

A NuGet library to help in work with NHS ODS FHIR Organisation resources.

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Library : NHS ITK

A NuGet library to help with creating the NHS ITK Message Wrappers. Catering for the various FHIR resources, Extensions and other ITK constraints.

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Library : CareConnect Profiles Helper

A collection of libraries to help with working with the INTEROPen CareConnect profiles. Catering for the various extensions, slices and values sets utilised by the profiles.

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