Over the last nine months or so I have been dabbling with a number of projects that make use of the FHIR CareConnect profiles created by the members of INTEROPen. In doing this I frequently have to deal with the process of creating FHIR based resources as per the profiles published on the FHIR Reference server run by HL7UK

I decided recently that I can make this easier for myself (and potentially others) by consolidating my snippets of code into a common library and by spending some time getting this right I’ll save myself more time further down the line.

I’m going to post progress here on this “blog” more as an aide-memoire to myself more than anything else, but if anyone who stumbles over this has any comments then feel free to post them below.

So this is what I am setting out to do:

  • Create a C# library to help with using FHIR CareConnect profiles
  • Publish the library as a NuGet package at
  • The library will attempt to :
    • Provide easy interfaces for creating the extension within the profiles
    • Remove the need to know the identifiers for the “NHS” common identification schemes
    • Provide easy interfaces for dealing with FHIR “slices”
    • Provide enumerations for the common value sets used within the profiles

I’m sure I’ll think of more as I go along – open to suggestions.

I’m going to group the resources into a few different libraries just to make them easier to manage, the first package I’m calling the “foundation” package and will cater for the following profiles.

As I go along I’ll make frequent NuGet releases and post updates on this site. As I finish each resource type I’ll publish details of how to use the NuGet with code examples etc

As I mentioned above, this is primarily an aide memoire to myself, but if you think this might be of use to yourself then do get in touch