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Tool and Tutorials using HL7 FHIR®

A collection of tools for helping developing systems using HL7 FHIR. Most tools have generic applicability though some are more specifically intended for use in the English NHS.

Tinder Box

Tinder Box is a desktop tool for visualising and validating the referential integrity of FHIR Bundles.

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Flogical is a Logical Modelling tooling. Use it to create logical models compatible with the FHIR Logical Model methodology.

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FHIR Check

FHIR Check is a tool for validating FHIR Resource Instances against FHIR Profiles (aka StructureDefinitions)

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There’s more to offer than just the tools. Take a look around to see what else is on offer.

From tutorials on how to use FHIR, help on how to use the tools available from ClaroTech or other aspects of FHIR, this site may have content that can assist you in your projects.

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Development Libraries

Publicly available code libraries to accelerate the development of FHIR solutions.

Development Libraries

FHIR code libraries to assist in the development of solutions. Published as NuGet packages these libraries are available for use in .NET developments.

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Video Tutorials

See the tools in action and learn how to use them yourself.

Learn By Watching

Step by step guides on how to use the tools. Highlighting the key features available together with visual examples.

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Share your love for all things FHIR®with a bit of geeky merchandising. Take a look at the FHIR® related goodies on offer.

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